Durma Guillotine
Durma Guillotine 3mtr x 10mm thick capacity in Mild steel.
Press brake – Durma 30160
This is our press brake – Durma 30160 – 3mtr x 160 ton capacity, any other sizes can be completed out of house, please let us know of your needs and we will advise.
Box pan power folder
Box pan power folder up to 3mm thick capacity in all materials
Kingsland iron worker
Kingsland iron worker – Punching capacity 30mm hole in 20mm thick plate, square and round bars up to 1” – 25mm, angle section up to 3” and notching up to 75mm.

Band Saw

Our band saw. The capacity is 10” box, tube and ‘I’ beam sections mitred at 45 deg.

Steel Rollers

Sheet steel rollers for thin gauge materials and of some larger steel plate rollers for heavier gauge steel .
Laser cutting machine Laser cutting machine Laser cutting machine
Picture of our laser cutting machine for profiling up to 25mm st/st down to .8mm thk. Any shape and profile can be achieved as required.